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Halloween Treats & Party Bash Ideas!

Halloween Treats & Party Bash Ideas! Here are several Halloween Treat Ideas for Your Party…

Halloween treats party bash ideas

For a great Halloween Party Bash, here are several unique dessert ideas….

 Assorted Jack-o-Lantern cookies.
Each cookie is individually wrapped for a perfect party give-away.  Order before October 15 for our fresh-baked artisanal sugar 2×2 inch square sugar cookies 
– Reserve  16 assorted Jack-o-lantern cookies for your party ~  $34.

Custom edible toppers. 
Decorate your own cake, cookie or cupcake —
 Create your own dessert topper.

No bake custom cookies.
Our ready-to-serve cookies topped with your personal design idea is the best solution ever — 
Design a cookie.

Halloween Party Activity for Kids – Color and Decorate Jack-o-lantern Cookies!
Everything you need is included for a no-bake, but have all the fun cookie decorating  —
 ColorCraft Jack-o-lantern cookie activity set.