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Decorating Desserts for the holidays with YouCake

youcake holiday toppers

Holiday Dessert Topping Recipe:

Take two bite size brownies, cupcakes, cakes, or cookies

Add royal, vanilla or butter cream frosting or melt white chocolate

Apply your YouCake custom or seasonal topper

Let set or dry and serve a one-of -kind treat that shares your sentiments!

thanksgiving toppers

Make your own custom topper: Customize your edible frosting sheet

Purchase a season pack of Thanks Giving toppers, options below, send us an email with your preference and shipping info:

  • 1.5 inch circles – perfect for mini cupcake and two-bite desserts ~ Pack of 36 (qty) toppers  $15
  • 2.1 inch circles – perfect for standard size cupcakes or cookies ~ Pack of 24 (qty) toppers $17
  • 1 inch circle – cake pops or tiny treats ~ Pack of 108 (qty) toppers $21

Top tip on how we decorated these brownies:
We took a bag of Wilton white chocolate candy melts. A full proof double-boiler method is to put one inch of water in a pan with a bowl placed on top (water must not touch the top of the double boiler). When the water boils, turn off the burner and take the pot off the heat source. Add, a tsp of vegetable oil to one bag of melts as indicated on the package, add the candy melts and just keep stirring until all the melts are dissolved.

Then, we spooned the melted white chocolate over the dessert. With dry hands, removed the backing of the edible frosting sheet and place on the melted chocolate. Pat flat to remove any air bubbles and make the topper flush with the chocolate – the pinky finger seems to have the perfect pressure for this technique.

Let dry and it is ready to serve.

Have a great holiday!

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