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Celebrating Our Pets – Pet Parties

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Pet Party-celebrating your pets! Pets are, after all, the center of every party – they should absolutely be the topping on the cake!

Pet Party-celebrating your pet!

Pet love, it cannot be denied! It is said that love is a four “legged” word. They are our best friend and confidant. There can be judgement, but nothing a bowl of food won’t fix. When it is time to celebrate our pet love, a good celebration option is to get their cute mug on a cake or dessert. Since we are, after all throwing the shin-dig, the dessert and best-pet-topper is for the two-legged to enjoy.

In fact, my very first “YouCake” was a birthday cake with my dog Francis. The photo above is what my friends served on a carvel cake for my 30th birthday.  Francis was just a pup at the time. I was so surprised and it still makes me happy thinking about it.

Get your own best-pet-topper for a cake or cupcake, or order our ready-to-serve cookies. Upload the photo and the inscription to get started. See how others have celebrated their pet love:  

How to get your own custom YouCake Topper – Design and Ordering Process:

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What is a YouCake? YouCake /yo͞oˈkāk/ Noun: An edible graphic applied to any frosted cake, cookie, or cupcake with your image, artwork, logo, inscription. Adds “Wow-factor” by creating personal and corporate branded sweets for special occasions, holidays showers, party favors, trade shows, promotional campaigns, and events. 1. Select topper or pre-baked cookie. Send images and inscription. 2. Review image design for your topper or cookie order. 3. We print your one-of-a-kind design on edible paper (frosting sheet) on a food grade printer using edible inks. (nutritional information) and ship to your home, bakery, or event location.