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Custom Decorating Brownies At Home Guide

Decorating Brownies

While my friend Deb was visiting, we made brownies and decided to custom decorate the brownies using melted white chocolate – easy and yum! I like using melted white chocolate, the topper sets as soon as the white chocolate dries and is simpler to transport.

To begin, melt the chocolate according to the packaging. We used Nestle white chocolate morsels, which are available at any supermarket. Follow the direction on the packaging. Since our microwave did not allow us to lower the power, we used the double-boiler and followed these instructions  exactly for melting white chocolate and it worked perfectly.

Once the white chocolate is melted spread the melted chocolate on the brownie – or any cookie you are want to decorate.

Decorating brownies with melted chocolate

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Gluten-Free YouCake Dessert Toppers

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