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How to-video: Decorate Cupcakes with Edible toppers!

How to-video: Decorate Cupcakes with Edible toppers!


Squirt or spread and stick. No skill required, promise!  🙂 

1. For standard size cupcakes we recommend ordering the 2-inch or 2 1/4 inch rounds edible toppers. All sizes are pre-cut. Select the size that works best for you.

2. Here is a link to a vanilla butter cream frosting recipe I used by the Kitchen Magpie, but any butter cream or even store bought frosting works perfectly. We recommend white frosting, works better with the frosting sheet and not to use a whipped cream frosting as these are too moist and dissolve the frosting paper.

3. Let the toppers set 30-60 minutes before serving. Timing depends on the temperature of the room and butter.

4. Another popular method, which I do in the summer with the heat, is to cut out fondant disks, paint with light coat of royal frosting, apply the topper on top and place on your frosted cupcake. There is more work, but on party day, it can be easier to pick up any frosted cupcake, frosting color no longer matters, and you will have the perfect cupcake. If you let the fondant toppers dry, you can stand them up.

And, I almost forgot, a topped cupcake freezes! When you defrost in the fridge, if you have plastic lid, remove this to prevent any condensation from dripping.

Any questions or want to share your experience, send us an email at contact@youcake.com.

We love to hear from you, Happy Topping!

Photo toppers on cupcakes

How to Throw the Ultimate Hero Party for your 50th Birthday!

YouCake 50th Birthday Cake Topper Following is a step-by-step guide to my husband’s 50th Birthday. First order your custom topper. When you receive your topper, make the cake. I used a box cake from Duncan Hines  as well as store bought frosting. This was his request from the nostalgia of his younger days. Since he wanted chocolate frosting, I frosted the cake vanilla on top so that the topper would not turn brown and frosted the rest of the cake of chocolate. He never noticed.   cakeingredientsbannerweb Above are the items purchased for the cake. I added the chocolate bits from Chiradelli into the cake to make it more chocolate-more chocolate is always a good idea :  ) I made the cake and frosted it. There is no photo because I was elbow deep in frosting and cake shavings. Here is a quick tutorial for how to remove the topper from the backing (also see our Howto Video). Take it in both hands and rub it along the the edge of the counter. This adds air and unseals the topper from the backing. Take the topper out starting from the middle. If you have any difficulty with the edges, the edible paper is pressed thinner, you can trim to make it release even more easily. topperweb   After I  applied the topper to the cake center and padded it flat, I decorated around the edges with some extra frosting. Then, I let the cake sit out for another 10 minutes before putting in the fridge overnight. The next day I took the cake out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving. Cakes should be served at room temperature, but this also gives the topper more time to set. The cake is ready to serve when the topper can be easily pierced with a pin. The frosting and the topper should have gelled. And, voila, the ordinary cake transformed into a one-and-only Russ Cake. How Ultimate Hero is that?   YouCake Cake Topper    

Now, for the rest of the festivities. We had party games with party favors for the game winners. Games included: pin the patch on the pirate, a ball game, the melon game,  and trivia quizzes throughout the evening.


Party Agenda:

  • 5:00 Pin the Patch on the Pirate
  • 5:45 Ball catch game
  • 6:15 Pinata
  • 6:45 Melon Stocking Croquet Game
  • 6:30 Salmon with Hollandaise sauce
  • Cake slicing
  • Sparklers And, repeat…


How to get your own custom YouCake Topper – Design and Ordering Process:

      • Send logo/artwork as high resolution jpg or as illustrator, psd, or pdf to our topper ordering page!
      • Include your inscription- event name, save the date, etc.
      • Choose size of ready-to-serve cookie or cake topper
      • An email preview of the cupcake topper design is sent for review
      • Please allow 5 days to process, plus shipping

Call 212-358-7791 or email contact@youcake.com YouCake for any questions.